Sunday, June 15, 2008

#45-Make 50 Gifts.

Though this once would have been easy, it's probably now the hardest goal on the list. Well, except for #47, that is. Since I've started homeschooling, time for crafting has virtually disappeared. Extra effort needed on my part.

1. July 25, 2008:
This may be pushing the limits on the definition of "gift" here. But this is a gift card holder I made for Sara for her birthday.

2. July 29, 2008:
This was supposed to be a birthday gift for Rich, but once I finished it, I just couldn't wait to give it to him.

3. August 20, 2008:
Birthday gift for Rich. He saw a similar shirt in a catalog and asked if I could make him one.

4. August 20, 2008:
Birthday gift for Rich. I'd had this cute little drawing sitting on my scrap table for months and months. Max drew it, and though I wasn't sure it really warranted saving in his files, I couldn't bring myself to throw it in the recycle pile either. Finally decided to turn it into a bookmark.

5. August 2009:
A "just because" gift for Mom.

***Yikes! I've made soooooooo many gifts in the past six months that I totally forgot to record here. I could go back and try to dig up at least some of the pictures and whatnot, but I'm going to take my chances, hoping I'll still make my goal by recording the ones I make from now on. *fingers crossed*

6. January 3, 2010:
A bookmark for Ana's birthday. My own design.

7. February 14, 2010:
#luv felt hearts for Rich, Ana, and Chris for Valentines day.

8. & 9. March 1, 2010:
Bookmark like #6 and #luv felt heart like #7 for Amanda's birthday.

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