Sunday, June 15, 2008

#42-Make 50 Home Improvements.

Now this doesn't mean major remodeling work or anything like that. Just any 50 things I can get around to doing to improve our living space.

1. We added shelves to the closet in the boys' bedroom, so we could fit all their clothes in it. (August 2008)

2. I painted the boys' bedroom. (September 2008)

3. Painted the upstairs bathroom. (June 2009)

4. Replaced the ugly, yellowed, cracked plastic fan vent cover in the bathroom with a pizza pan. :D (July 2009)


Jean said...

Don't you have some to list here after your recent flurry of room-moving?

Jean said...

Love the paint job and those shelves. We have some rooms that could use a makeover here any time you're available. Yeah, right!