Friday, July 18, 2008

#22--Do 50 Things that Fall Outside My Comfort Zone

And I hate to say it, but my comfort zone has shrunk to an incredibly small size over the years. This once outgoing, try-anything-once young woman turned into a nearly-afraid-to-leave-the-house middle-aged woman. So, even if these are just "baby steps" maybe it will help.

1. Wore a bathing suit. (7/31/09)
2. Jumped off the diving board. (7/31/09)


Jean said...

Do you need some ideas here, Debi? How about try a martial arts class? Go whitewater rafting? Skydiving? Take a trip by yourself--go visit Kara on your own for a weekend? Write a letter to the editor and run the risk that it might be published? We do tend to fall into ruts as we age, one of the reason I compiled The Fifty. Some are things I always thought about doing but never did (like take a cooking class), and some definitely put my outside my comfort zone.

Amanda said...

You can put on here your vlogs, Debi!

kreed said...

Putting on a bathing suit pretty much would cover all 50 out-of-my-comfort zone events. One for each minute I had the thing on.